Warehouse automation
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COMITAS is the first full-cycle systems integrator which, in addition to logistics/technology design and equipment, independently develops automation and robotisation software for warehouse and production logistics, adapting it to individual customer needs.

COMITAS has been present on the Russian and CIS markets for more than 15 years, implementing, among other things, large-scale projects in the field of complex automation and robotisation of storage and movement of goods inside warehouse terminals.

By providing its clients with modern solutions including high-quality hardware, software and the following 24/7 maintenance of the entire system, COMITAS helps companies to perform significant reduction of their fixed costs and to increase their productivity and recoup their investments in view of several years.

The COMITAS as system integrator attracts and continually educates the best specialists in the industry, such as engineers, programmers, planners, installers. It has the expertise, knowledge, skills and experience in all spheres of warehouse logistics automation.

The company is leading in fields of development and innovation, making them more accessible to Russian businesses.



in Russian and CIS market, including 9 years in complex automation for industrial terminals.





COMITAS is IT company. COMITAS software is registered with the Russian Ministry of digital development, communications and mass media.
At the final stage there are several projects of automated solutions for low-temperature warehouses, as well as the project of robotization and automation of storage and movement of archival documents. The stacker crane control system was created by COMITAS.
At the annual SeMAT 2022, COMITAS presented its concept for a unified automation and robotics facility,
handling cargo from the pallet receiving area all the way to the small piece sorting area.


A major project on warehouse automation in the Novosibirsk logistics postal center (NLT – Russian Post) has been successfully implemented.
Implemented an automated solution with conveyor systems for the Nevis pharmacy network in the Leningrad region.
Specially for the Detsky Mir distribution centre in the Sverdlovsk region, COMITAS designed, manufactured and installed a five-storey shelf mezzanine with a total area of more than 65,000 square metres and a total storage capacity of more than 320,000 cells.


A subsidiary company COMITAS ASIA LLC is registered. Completed work
on the design, delivery and commissioning of a box conveyor based on a 5-storey
mezzanine at the Electrotehmontazh Trading House warehouse in the Republic of Tatarstan.


COMITAS showed for the first time its Cross-Belt high-speed sorting system on CeMAT Exhibition. These sorting solutions with Cross-Belt systems have been implemented in projects for DPD and CDEK. The project for automation has been concluded with meat producer with largest sorting system in Europe based on a satellite-shuttle system.


On CeMAT Exhibition, COMITAS has presented for the first time a satellite-shuttle pallet handling system, innovative for the Russian market. Its main features are its low cost as compared to stacker cranes and its ability to be installed in low-ceilinged premises.


The first self-supporting warehouse with the area of 2,780 m2 is built in Tashkent. Several such warehouses have also appeared in the Moscow region. COMITAS is the only company that, before offering this product to the customer, has designed the warehouse structure so that it is safe and reliable in use.


A self-supporting warehouse concept was presented at CEMAT and its load-bearing structure was tested by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Kucherenko Research Center of Construction and received conclusions on fire-resistance and impact-resistance rating. Based on the results of expert examination performed, standard design for self-supporting warehouse was recommended as the basis for further construction of the building, and load-bearing structure was patented by COMITAS.


COMITAS becomes the exclusive partner and official representative of INTERROLL Company as related to dynamic shuttle system. In autumn of the same year, a new product for the Russian market, radio pallet shuttle under the brand name COMITAS, was presented for the first time at CEMAT Exhibition.


There was implemented the largest in CIS racking project for ADIDAS, combining different types of racking and automation on the area of 70,000 m2. Its implementation marked the beginning of a new field - integrated automation for industrial terminals.


An advertising campaign for TH Kifato MK was launched, with renowned sportsman Nikolai Valuyev as the face of the campaign.


COMITAS began its activities as a partner of the largest manufacturer and supplier of shelving structures, Kifato MK factory, based on which the Trade House of the same name was established.

Our mission

The mission of system integrator COMITAS is to provide its customers with modern automated warehouse logistics solutions consisting of quality hardware and software developed in-house, guaranteeing efficiency, stability and safety in their operation.

Working with maximum benefit for its shareholders, employees, customers and society as a whole. Continuously develop ourselves and the industry by promoting and implementing innovations, raising awareness of modern technology and new opportunities, creating standards of high quality and striving to be the leaders in everything we do.

Our values


COMITAS systems integrator continually develops its specialists to nurture and serve customers with bright talents who find unconventional approaches and implement the best business ideas with highest quality.


System integrator COMITAS has competence, knowledge, skills and experience in all areas of warehouse logistics automation. It is a leader in innovations development and implementation, making them more accessible to Russian business.


Systems integrator COMITAS is relentlessly moving forward, rumbling to the things and constantly improving itself, helping its customer to plan the picture of future success through the achievement of business goals and desired results.