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COMITAS project for OZON

Celebrating the company's anniversary with employees and their families

September 3, 2022, recreation center "Troitskoe"

Archive storage warehouse

A single integrated solution from COMITAS at the SeMAT 2022 exhibition


Sorting works at the Russian Post

We are waiting for you on SEMAT! Come to the COMITAS booth!

COMITAS is the exclusive partner of A. Aintsev's Business Picnic

Up-to-date COMITAS solutions for your business

COMITAS at the logistics show Strong link

COMITAS at E-com Expo 2022

COMITAS at RosUpack 2022

COMITAS on the Logistics of the Future. Tashkent

The conference “Logistics of the Future” was held in Tashken...

COMITAS Project for Boxberry

COMITAS project for NEVIS


Video about COMITAS

COMITAS at the opening of the Distribution center "Detsky Mir" Yekaterinburg

COMITAS designed, manufactured and installed a five-level sh...

Flexible smart solution using COMITAS sorting robots

Robots will simplify sorting and optimize the order recruitm...

Interview with the Managing Director of COMITAS

Davit Manukyan gave an exclusive interview to Artem Aintsev

New Year Corporate COMITAS 2022

On December 17, an incendiary and cheerful New Year's co...

COMITAS is the exclusive partner of A. Aintsev's Business Battle

Watch a detailed video report!

COMITAS at the XVII Knight Frank Warehouse Conference

The company took part in the warehouse conference "Putt...


What technologies were first presented by our company at the...

Interview with Sergey Fedorov, Sales Director of COMITAS

Artem Aintsev interviews Sergey Fedorov.

COMITAS on the PROBUSINESS channel. We talk about technologies for business

What solutions make the warehouse work efficient

Interview with COMITAS Development Director, Vitaly Gorsky

Artem Aintsev is interviewed

COMITAS 24/7 Service desk

Video memo on COMITAS

COMITAS on pallet automation projects

V. Shershnev tells on CDEK project

COMITAS on RosUpack Exhibition 2021

COMITAS participated in 25-th RosUpack 2021 International Pa...

COMITAS scolar, make your highest-grade marks bag together!

Corporate holiday for children of COMITAS employees

COMITAS Conference on 16 June, 2021

Within RosUpack Exhibition, COMITAS convenes its own conference:...

Video from CDEK project implemented by COMITAS

Intervire with COMITAS Deputy General Director, Didenko V.V.

Artem Aintsev interviews Deputy General Director

Project implemented by COMITAS for Russian Post

COMITAS has implemented the project for Russian Post in Novo...

Project implemented by COMITAS for ETNA

5-level mezzanine was installed.

Interview with Accord Post Development Director

COMITAS has implemented the project on 4-level mezzanine ere...

Project implemented by COMITAS for ETM

Box-handling conveyor. Commissioning from 5-level mezzanine


Presentation, "Modern solutions warehouse"

COMITAS on online conference of Association of Professionals in Supply Chains "Urgent Measures"

Project implemented by COMITAS for CDEK

High-speed sorting system.

Self-supporting warehouse for LAKRA Company

Implemented for Khim-Invest Group, CJSC

COMITAS on СеМАТ Exhibition 2019

Which technologies were represented and what was of interest...

COMITAS on XV jubilee warehousing Knight Frank conference

Evolution in warehouse

How warehouses developed starting from the beginning of 20th...

Project implemented by COMITAS for DPD

Cross-belt high-speed sorting system

COMITAS project for ACCORD POST and CDT Groupf of companies

Mezzanine structure installation

COMITAS on СеМАТ Exhibition 2018

Which technologies were represented

Conference track "Future of modern warehouse" within the framework of RosUpack Exhibition

Andrey Sarmin on Light Industrial 2 0 Conference

Director's Interview

COMITAS on V annual Colliers roundtable discussion on warehousing estate

COMITAS on CeMAT Russia Exhibition – 2017

As was the case

COMITAS - A-class self-supported warehouses construction

New format of A-class mini-warehouses

TV-Guberniya Business news on COMITAS

Story telling on COMITAS

Light Industrial Conference track

Vladislav Poltorak spoke from COMITAS

Davit Manukyan on Light Industrial Conference: new format of warehousing market in Russia

Interview on new format of small A-class warehouses

Self-supported A-class warehouse on racks


COMITAS on CeMAT Russia Exhibition – 2014

COMITAS on CeMAT Russia Exhibition – 2014