• Kifato MK is the largest manufacturer of racking systems in Russia and one of Europe's top five manufacturers of racking equipment. Kifato MK is the first manufacturer in Russia to be certified by TÜV Rheinland (Germany).
  • KUKA is a global manufacturer of industrial robots and process automation systems with a turnover of more than 2.6 billion euros and over 14,000 employees.

    The corporate headquarters is located in Augsburg, Germany. The company's customers come from automotive, electronics and metalworking industries; consumer goods, logistics and e-commerce; healthcare and robotics service sectors.
  • Libiao Robotics, a global pioneer in intelligent sorting robots and the world's leading provider of flexible intelligent sorting solutions, has created the world's first portable, modular, 3D and automated sorting system for goods and parcels.

    We are an exclusive distributor of Libiao products and based on them we offer fast and efficient sorting solutions for logistics companies, eCommerce, etc.

  • HANGCHA is the market leader in forklifts, and it has been developing them for more than 50 years. For more than 10 years the company has been developing and offering robotic forklifts (FMR AGV), which combine the capabilities of forklifts of different types (including loaders, reach trucks, narrow aisles, etc.) and modern robot technology and autonomous systems that can lift pallets on racks with a height up to 13 meters in a warehouse environment with narrow aisles.

    Together with Hangcha, we offer the most advanced hardware and software integrated turnkey solutions that allow autonomous forklift robots to work in your warehouses alongside other equipment and warehouse staff.

  • Hikrobot is a global provider of products and solutions specializing in robotic solutions, machine vision and artificial intelligence.

    Together with Hikrobot we provide customers with logistics automation solutions using the most advanced warehouse robots: AMR, robotic miniload CTU, robotic forklifts AGV.

  • Damon Industry's solutions for conveyor roller system are used in a variety of applications, including smart manufacturing, sorting, various industries, e-commerce, express mail delivery and more.
  • COMITAS congratulates its partner Fora-Bank on its 30th anniversary!

    We wish you productive work and continuous development in all areas!

    Getting even closer and more accessible to its customers every year!

    Happy anniversary!

  • Interroll is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality key products and services for materials handling, logistics and automation. The company offers a wide range of products in four industry groups - "Rollers", "Drives", "Conveyors and Sorters", "Pallets and Flow Boxes".
  • Cassioli develops and manufactures semi-automated or fully-automated systems, controlled by special software, capable of rapidly carrying out all storage and handling operations.
  • DAMBACH Lagersysteme provides the basis for productivity and competitiveness for virtually every industrial and commercial enterprise with highly dynamic storage and unloading machines, conveyor systems and material handling components.
  • TGW is a supplier of material handling equipment and automated storage and retrieval systems for warehousing, production, picking and distribution.
  • ICAM Company is a leading manufacturer of automatic storage and order picking modules of vertical and horizontal type.